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The creativity involved in the quilting process totally captivates me. Choosing fabrics, designing a pattern, coming up with a quilting pattern all stimulate my visual creativity. Cutting, precision sewing, doing the math to figure out the finished results are such challenging and rewarding mental pursuits.




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Quilter and Crafter


​Quilting has been around for centuries and the final product is a cornerstone to make any home feel warm and cozy.

Whether your style is contemporary, country or shabby chic, I will tailor make your luxury Rag Quilt from scratch to suite your design style.

All quilts are 100% one of kind and custom made.

You will find lots of quilted goodies, crafts and numerous fabrics that are sure to become the focal point in any room.

I LIKE color, I LIKE patchwork, and I'm sure you can tell.

Furthermore, I have always loved crafting different things, expect the unexpected from this website!


** Additional Details: Rag Quilts, such as the ones I create, take 66% MORE fabric, batting and backing to create than it takes to make a pieced patchwork quilt due to the extra amount of fabric needed for the exposed & clipped seams. Because I hand clip every seam in the quilts it adds additional hours to the process, as well.


** You can find us on

facebook: Aurora's Quilting Corner and Thousand Islands Crafts and Quilts

twitter: @aurorascorner

Instagram: aurorasquiltingcorner or thousandislandscraftsnq



Having an eye for color

2010 - present

2010 - present

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